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Guy Romain - (Pusher);

My name is Guy Romain and I have become a Pusher for Special Compass for a number of reasons.


The first and foremost is the rewarding experience of seeing the achievements of the participants, being able to serve as a vector for those who otherwise would not be able to participate in those events is the other motivation for me. The other aspect of becoming a pusher that is not to be neglected is the impact being able to connect with other participants in wheelchairs and see that they are not alone and differences are just that and do not infringe the ability to come together as a team to reach a common goal. It also serves as a mode of awareness for the able bodied community to see that the wheelchair bound community exists and is functional and can be part of events such as marathons.


The reasons of my involvement are numerous but these are the main drivers for me as a physical therapist, an able bodied and a human. It is fulfilling for me as well as the person I am pushing.

Guy Romain, DPT
Owner, Physical Therapist