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Terri Swanson - (Pusher & Board of Director);


Hello Jim,


With 2016 coming to  close, I wanted to take a few moments and personally thank you for the honor of being involved with Special Compass. From the moment you told me about the idea for Special Compass, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of, I felt an instant tug on my heart.


I have been blessed with children that are healthy and with no special nee and I have been a healthy runner most of my adult life and a competitive runner for the past 20 years. I was out of touch with differently abled athletes and their needs.


My first race as an engine ( legs for our athletes), I was overcome with emotion. The feeling of running with/ for someone else is indescribable. My athlete was non- verbal but every time a camera  came around he flashed his big smile and his finishers medal!


My second race I had the privilege to push an incredible young lady named Katelyn. She was very hesitant about the race when we first met. We took some time together to get used to the feel of the chair. By time the race started - she was excited. So many times during the race her screams and giggles were so loud that I was truly laughing and the joy was shared by both of us. We have remained in contact and plan to train and race again using the Special Compass chair.


Jim, It is hard to put into words what these experiences mean to me but I can tell you that they are right up there and above any medals or trophies I have earned racing on my own.


Thank you for all you and Michael are doing.


All the best,


Terri Swanson