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Cathy Seacrist - (Volunteer & SC Treasurer) & Brandon Seacrist - (Rider);


I had no idea that on April 7, 2016 that Jim and Michael Sayih would touch my son Brandon Seacrist life like they did. I took Brandon to Nova High school to see about running.


"Running" My Brandon who has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound. Brandon is always very cautious when it comes to his safety with being transferred out of his chair into another chair. He worries about the person who is transferring him as well as his own safety. This has stopped him from trying new things. But on this day when he saw Jim lift his son Micheal out of his chair and put him into this special chair for running, Brandon turn his head said he wanted to try it. I was so surprised and happy. Well ,Jim went ahead and got Brandon into one of those chairs and Brandon tried it out and he was hooked, and on April 24 Brandon did his first run which was the Outrun Cerebral Palsy. He was so excited, the race started and Jim was his legs. After a while everybody started to come back in but I noticed that Brandon and Jim didn't come back because I figured he be one of the first ones in. I saw some of the runners get into a golf cart with another chair. I asked what happened and he told me that halfway into the race Brandon is wheel on his chair blew. Knowing my son and how reacts when he gets scared, "Brandon is never going to do another race". A little while later here comes my son Brandon with Jim pushing him the joy on his face. Brandon finish the race. Jim told me they gave Brandon a choice when his chair broke down and Brandon wanted to finish the race. I was so proud of my son watching him come thru that finish line and on top of that knowing that he wanted to finish that race especially when you see his chair that he was in that wheel blew.


Brandon has finished 3 races so far since then and plans on more. This has given him confidence and something that he looks forward too because he is not limited because of disability. His pushers ( his legs ) are amazing humans who get so much more from these runs and give him the ability to do these races. As a parent watching my son and all the other special athletes and pushers in these runs and watching their faces as they come thru those finish lines is heartwarming. 

Thank you Jim and Michael Sayih for introducing my son to this sport. 


Cathy Seacrist and Brandon Seacrist