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Dr. Darren Kreitman - (Pusher & Board of Directors);

What does it mean to be an athlete, a winner or a champion? Is it someone who just works out, someone who joins competitions, crosses the finish line or someone who stands on the podium? For a long time as a tri-athlete, obstacle course competitor, and multi-sport athlete, I thought metals, podiums and finish lines were all that mattered.


In 2014, I had the opportunity to meet Jim and Michael Sayih. As I spoke with Jim and his son Michael, who has Cerebral Palsy, I quickly learned they were accomplishing the same events I was but with an incredible twist.  Jim, as Michael’s dad was using his will power and legs to be the “engine” for Michael’s dreams. If Michael wanted to do a 5k, Jim pushed him across the finish line. When Michael wanted to do a mud run, Jim made sure a team was there to make it happen.


Imagine a person who has the desire to accomplish a dream, but is held back because of a physical limitation but not from lack of heart and desire. This is where Jim Sayih and Special Compass changes live’s.

As I learned more about Special Compass, I learned more about being not just an athlete myself but about helping others achieve success with my help. It was soon after I began participating in events where I pushed regular people with physical limitations but with huge aspirations across the finish line. What I found then was the real thrill of competition. I will never forget the mom who cried as I pushed her son to his first medal, or the young girl who put a medal around a young boy’s neck while holding back tears.


From these great moments, I let Jim and Michael know that I wanted to do even more. I immediately came on Board as a contributor and board member of Special Compass. It was Special Compass that allowed me to see that being the engine, the legs, the power to allow someone else to achieve a dream is what gives me the greatest fulfillment. Whether it is completing 2 mud runs back to back to help someone get across the line, or recently pushing two wheel chairs simultaneously up a hill.  Special Compass has proven to be a local program that is needed in every city for every person to experience what our local community has. There are thousands of individuals who dream of being “normal” or an athlete if only their legs could move. With grants, scholarships, and corporate donations, Special Compass truly has the ability to grow, get more people involved and help everyone say “I did it!”

I look forward to speaking to you and finding out how you would like to help Special Compass change more lives.


Yours in health,


Dr. Darren Kreitman