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Jessika Kattah - (Rider) and Reinaldo Maiz - (Rider);

When I was able-bodied, I ran many 5k's for causes dear to my heart. In 2012, I became paraplegic and the thought of crossing the finish line of a 5k was impossible. After learning that I could do everything I did before, just differently, is when I gained the confidence to do my first 5k post injury at the Fun Glow 5k. I signed Rey and I to roll the run. Little did I know, the difficulty we were about to face with the very steep hills at Vista View Park. It's tough for an able-body, but even tougher with a wheelchair! I can't thank Darren Kreitman and Cristina Diaz enough for helping Rey and I climb those hills. Because of them and the team with Special Compass, we proudly crossed the finish line and completed our first 5K post-injury. They were "our legs" and more importantly our encouragement to never give up. We will never forget that night! Thank you again, see you at the next run!

With much love,
Jessika Kattah and Reinaldo Maiz