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Kimberly Ocampo 

I, Kimberly Ocampo, am a 25 year old Colombian girl from New Jersey, currently a resident in Florida. 


As a passionate dancer at heart from salsa, hip hop, to ballroom, was riding my bicycle to work on July 19 , 2015 and a car ran a red light and struck me on my right side. The impact caused me to have paralysis from the waist down and have a traumatic brain injury on the right side of my brain. 


Two days later, I had 12 titanium rods placed in my spine. A week later, I had a stroke on my right side of the brain.


Now, I’ve been doing intense physical therapy at NeuroFit360 everyday, regaining strength, mobility and posture.

My current goal that I’m training for is to walk 3 miles on May 6, 2018, at the Wings for Life world run in Sunrise Florida at the BB&T center.


One tip I can share with you that has helped me in my journey;
Conquer One Fear Everyday! 

Come join my Team!!!


Kimberly Ocampo