Running Clinics

Special Compass provides running clinics to our new and existing Power Buddies. Our Power Buddies learn how to push our riders in the provided racing chairs safely. Building trust and lasting friendships, we ensure that everyone is prepared at the start line and has a great time all the way to the finish line!


Housing Goals

Special Compass aims to accomplish building an apartment complex exclusively for those with disabilities to live in a barrier-free environment and promote independence.

Our goal is to find land suitable to build and within proximity of emergency care, grocery shopping, postal service, and amenities that are easily accessible.

Special Compass also aims to facilitate independent living, self-sufficiency, and full community integration for persons with disabilities by providing and coordinating support services.

We have succeeded in teaming up with a construction company and architect to bring our goal to reality.

Other Services

Special Compass will provide the services of scholarship opportunities, medical equipment, or adaptive sports equipment directly to individuals as well as to partners with other existing non-profit organizations to achieve these goals.

Direct benefits will be limited to persons with disabilities who need adaptive sports equipment, mobility devices, or medical care.

Here's how your contribution can make a difference:

  • $500 covers an athlete's race registrations for 1 year
  • $1,200 provides for the maintenance of a race chair for 1 year
  • $3,000 supports an athlete's first marathon
  • $15,000 supports an athlete in an Ironman triathlon

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